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Distance Learning




Your student can receive tutoring in almost any subject! Our tutors are prepared to help with math, reading, writing, science, and social studies. We can also instruct Spanish, French, and Mandarin Chinese!


Connecting Chicago operates on a quarterly schedule. Families can register for tutoring in three month blocks. Students can receive one or two 45-minute sessions per week!

The upcoming session is Quarter Four. Tutoring will commence on April 19th and end June 18th. The deadline to register is Friday, April 9th.


All tutoring takes place virtually. Our tutors are trained to make learning over the computer a seamless experience!


Your student will be paired with a tutor who is comfortable in all of your desired subject areas. All volunteers are current high school, undergraduate, or graduate students and have completed our training program.

Our Focus on Equity

At Connecting Chicago, we are currently tutoring in five languages and accommodating students with IEPs. Our remarkable tutors are working diligently to ensure your child has the best learning experience possible. We have provided our tutors with targeted resources for subjects to ensure engaging lessons.

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  • Who are the tutors for Connecting Chicago?
    Connecting Chicago tutors are passionate Chicago-land high school and college students. Our tutors are at the heart of Connecting Chicago, and we could not operate without them.
  • Is there monetary compensation for tutoring?
    Connecting Chicago is a non-profit, so all time spent tutoring is volunteer time. However, we are always open to writing letters of recommendation or offering service hours for our outstanding tutors. Please just reach out if you need either of them!
  • What if my student and I are not the right fit?
    While we strive to make the best pairing possible, we understand that this may occur. Please reach out to us if you do not feel that your pairing is not working. We will work on rematching both the tutor and students.
  • How do tutoring sessions work?
    Tutoring sessions are completely virtual and are held on Zoom, Google Hangouts, and over-the-phone. Tutoring sessions are each thirty minutes long to maximize student engagement.
  • What is the sign up process for tutors?
    Use this form to sign up to be a tutor Sign up and attend a volunteer training Get matched with a student Reach out to parents and schedule a time to talk to better understand the student’s needs and the goals for tutoring Start tutoring
  • How are tutors contacted?
    We primarily reach out to our tutors via email, so it is pertinent to check your email regularly.
  • What if my student doesn’t pick up or log into a tutoring session?
    They may be busy with something else at the moment or have forgotten. If you have a scheduled session at that time, contact the parent and see if there is a reason. If persistent absences become an issue, please reach out to our leadership team and we can try to sort things out!
  • What if I no longer can volunteer?
    See “Stopping or Suspending Volunteering” and send us a message ASAP.
  • What if my Student asks for medical advice?
    We cannot provide medical consultation, however if it is regarding the Coronavirus, please consult the “Coronavirus” section.
  • What are some resources for enrichment to provide to the student?
    Here are some helpful tools to use: Khan Academy Free Rice BrainPOP
  • What is the time commitment?
    You choose your time commitment, which is anywhere between thirty minutes to two hours a week.
  • How long is each session?
    Each session is 45 minutes long. Each student can receive up to three sessions per week.
  • Do I get to pick my age group and subjects?
    Yes! You tell us your preferences and we match you accordingly.
  • How do I contact you for support?
    Please call/text (312) 772-6064 or email
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